Mekton Wiki

Cover of Mekton.

There have been several editions of Mekton, with another on the way.

"Whitebox" Mekton (1984): This was not actually a role-playing game, but rather a boxed tactical war-game including counters and maps.

Mekton - MK1001 (1985): This was a softcover book using a custom percentile-based task resolution system. (Amusingly, it misspelled its own name in the katakana.) Supplements include:

  • Roadstriker - MK1101 (1985): Covers rules for human-scale transformable vehicles and power suit mecha, more advanced transformable mecha design options, and a police drama adventure.
  • Advanced Combat System - MK1201 (1986): Offers up many new rules expansions for enhanced play.

Mekton II - MK1002 (1987): This edition converted Mekton to run on the Interlock System, later used in Cyberpunk 2020. Cover art by Ben Dunn. Supplements include:

  • Roadstriker II - MK1102 (1990): Interlock version of rules for human-scale transformable vehicles and power suit mecha, more advanced transformable mecha design options, and a police drama adventure converted to the Mekton II system.
  • Mekton Empire - MK1301 (1990): This expansion book revealed that the Algol system is one star among hundreds in the Bendari Galactic Empire.
  • Mekton Techbook - MK1401 (1992): Also known as the Mekton Technical System (or "MTS") this was a major conversion of the mecha-building system of Mekton
  • Operation Rimfire - MK1501 (1993): A Gundam-esque campaign in which representatives of both major political factions on Algol are sent on a long-range interplanetary mission to determine the nature of an anomaly at the edge of the star system. Written to be played as 'episodes' in a 'series'. (Reference was made in this book and Mekton Empire that the anomaly was in actuality a nonfunctional stargate such as is used in the Bendari Empire.)
  • Mecha Manual Volume One - MK1601 (1994): A compendium of mecha from a variety of world settings. 

Mekton Zeta - MK1003 (1995): This was a radical update and improvement of Mekton II. (A 1998 reprint had new cover art and an all black-and white interior.) Supplements include:

  • Mekton Zeta Plus - MK1402 (1995): This was a radical update and improvement of the Mekton Techbook.
  • Tactical Display - MK1901 (1995): A referee's screen, advanced rules, new mecha, errata, and a series of mini-adventures.
  • Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra - MK1701 (1995): A more strategic campaign setting, with 31 battle scenarios using Mekton's "tactical system."
  • Mecha Manual 2: Invasion Terra Files - MK1801 (1996): A collection of mecha and characters which goes along with Mekton Wars I.
  • Starblade Battalion Mekton - MK1211 (1996): A new world setting.
  • Gundam Senki (2000): Japanese language Mobile Suit Gundam RPG using the Mekton system. Scheduled for US release, release date unspecified at this time.

Mekton Zero - MK1004? (2013): With the completion of a highly-successful Kickstart campaign, a new edition of Mekton is scheduled for release in 2013.