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Excalibur by Mark Simmons

The Excalibur first appeared in the Mekton II rulebook back in 1987. In 2013, artist Mark Simmons revisited his design for its inclusion in Mekton Zero.

One of the original mecha brought to Algol some 2,000 years ago from the Bendari Galactic Empire, and resurected by the Murian Knights, the Excalibur represents the highest in Imperial technology at the time. Huge, slow, and carrying few weapons, the Excalibur is still a formidable opponent for today's modern Mektons.


  • Height: 25~30m
  • Weight: 113 tons
  • Weapons:
    • 2x shoulder-mounted plasma cannon
    • 2x energy scythes (can be combined into one double scythe)
    • 2x Nova Beam Sabers

Game Stats[]

  • Cost: 226 CP
  • Ground MA: 4
  • Flight MA: 15
  • MV: -9
  • Megaheavy Powerplant
  • Construction:
    • Megaheavy Main Body w/ Megaheavy Armor
    • Superheavy Arms w/ Superheavy Armor
    • Superheavy Legs w/ Superheavy Armor
    • Armored Heavy Head w/ Superheavy Armor