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The Mekton Wiki is dedicated to "Mekton," R. Talsorian Games' tabletop role-playing game of anime and giant robots. This Wiki was started in anticipation of the upcoming new editon of Mekton -- that is, Mekton Zero. This opening landing page is cribbed from Wikipedia, with edits of course. All are invited to add, edit, and expand the current pages and their content. There are no categories yet, no sources/references cited, very few pictures. C'mon, "mah mechas", help out on this project. It'll be fun.

Mekton overview[]

Mekton is a role-playing game which centers on the conventions of mecha anime and science fiction (although it can easily enough be adapted to other genres like police drama or high fantasy). It has seen several editions since its introduction in 1984. The first edition of Mekton was the first anime role-playing game available in North America; the anime influence was muted compared to later editions, but this parallels North America's growing exposure to and awareness of anime in general. 

The second edition, Mekton II, is an important historical artifact in that it was among the first RPG books to use the then-new technique of desktop publishing. 

The most recent edition of the game, Mekton Zeta (メクトン Z; a reference to the seminal mecha anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam) was first published in 1994. Mekton Zeta has a more pronounced anime influence than the previous two editions; the full cover title of this edition if read in Japanese and translated into English reads "Super Dimension Mobile Warrior Mekton Z", the title of the game referring to both Macross (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) and Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam). The use of katakana (phonetic Japanese characters) representing the title of the game begins with the "Zeta" edition and is likely to be carried over into future editions.

A new edition has been rumored to be in development by publishers R.Talsorian Games since 1997. In 2013 a successful Kickstarter campaign heralded the long-awaited publication of the new editon, Mekton Zero. According to designer Mike Pondsmith, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the introduction of a new edition was a lack of a single, identifiable world setting for the game. (Several official settings have been published.) As of June 22, 2018 the Mekton Zero RPG Kickstarter project has been put on hold and the backers will be refunded. No official date to be produced in the future.

Within the context of the RPG, mecha are referred to as "Mektons," abbreviated as "Meks" and sometimes alternately called "suits" (as in "power suits" or power armor). Mekton uses the Interlock system, which is also used in RTG's Cyberpunk and Teenagers from Outer Space games. The intricate detail of the mecha that can be built in Mekton is both the game's biggest strength and biggest drawback; while nearly anything can be built with the game's construction system, from personal armor to gigantic spaceships, it is very time-consuming and can make it difficult to arrange a quick "pick-up" game.

Although no new official material has been released since 1996, Mekton is a moderately supported game with a very active albeit small fanbase centered around the Mekton Zeta Mailing List: an ezmlm based mailing list active since the fall of 1996.

Official Settings[]

  • Algol - A "grab bag" setting in an alternate universe, mixing many different styles of anime together.  This setting originated with the first edition of Mekton, and was continued in the well-received expansion book Operation: Rimfire.  Algol was the default setting for Mekton and Mekton II (as well as Operation: Rimfire and Landstriker), and remains in Mekton Z for legacy purposes (as well as getting a passing reference in Mekton Empire). Algol is a long-lost human colony of the Bendar Galactic Empire, where the various factions are locked in a cold war and must deal with an impending ice age and the possible return of their ancient alien enemy, the fearsome Aggendi lizard warriors. The Algol Mailing List continued development on Algol into the early 2000s. If there is a 'default' campaign setting for Mekton, this is it.
  • Mekton Empire - A space opera setting taking hints from Captain Harlock, Gundam and Voltron, set in the distant Bendar Spiral Galaxy. It added rules for playing aliens (including non-humanoids), space combat, psionics and creating new alien creatures.
  • Jovian Chronicles - A heavily Gundam-inspired licensed setting created by Dream Pod 9, set in the 23rd Century.  This would later become a separate game using Dream Pod 9's Silhouette System.
  • Invasion Terra - A Macross-like setting in the future of 2105. * Imperial Star - Very similar to Mekton Empire but set in the Milky Way Galaxy. This is considered as close to a 'default' campaign setting for Mekton Zeta as exists.
  • Quicksilver Blues - Unreleased as of 2004 (complete since at least 2000).  As of 2005, Quicksilver Blues is being reworked into a new and separate role-playing game called "Era³" by its original developers, Atomic Rocket Games.
  • Starblade Battalion - A Gundam-like setting, set in the far future of the Cyberpunk 2020 world (AD 2180).

Notable Fan Settings

Because Mekton has a relatively low amount of official support, and because it is designed as a universal "tool kit" role-playing system rather than being themed around a particular anime series (though fans of the system note that it is decidedly skewed toward "hard SF" type mecha anime, like Gundam and Macross), many fan settings have appeared for it since its release.  Some of the most notable are indicated below.

  • Metal Storm 2380 - Mark Chase; a particularly notable early fan setting, including an original story based on its campaign setting.
  • Nova Team Arcol - Christian Conkle; based on the official Algol campaign setting.
  • Powersuit City; based primarily on a cross between Galaxy Fraulein Yuna and Teenagers from Outer Space.
  • Virtual Mekton - A semi-official setting created by the Mekton Z Mailing List and its spin-off, the Virtual Mekton Mailing List.  Loosely based on the video game Virtual On and the manga Break-Age.
  • Mekton Seed - A Final Fantasy -like setting set in Duoarma Galaxy that has connections to Bendari Galaxy. Has it's own magic & equipment rules. You play members of the Seed mercenary force adventuring through the galaxy.

External links[]

  •, a semi-official fansite and the homepage of the Mekton Z Mailing List.
  • Mekton Alpha, an officially sanctioned "free" (but stripped down) version of Mekton Zeta.
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