Mekton Wiki

Quarium is an extremely strong (Gamma-grade) armor material used on Elaran Mektons.

Quarium-Wilson style-plating is a Quarium derivative which is not quite as durable (Beta-grade) but also not quite as expensive.

Lesser armor material, like Rildium, can be mixed with Quarium to create Alpha-grade armor plating.

Mektons armored with Quarium[]

  • XME-422X Vandal

Mektons armored with Quarium-Wilson Style plating[]

  • EMA-229X Nova

Mektons armored with Rildium-Quarium Composite[]

  • EMA-108 Vantage
  • EMA-223X Fireball
  • OMS-120 Sentinel
  • VRA-112 Stallion